All Scientists

Timothy Block, PhD  – Antivirals, Early Detection and Glycobiology
Nathaniel Brown, MD Hepatitis B research
Jinhong Chang, MD, PhD – Antiviral Drug Discovery, hepatitis viruses, dengue, and filoviruses
Jason Clement, PhD– Natural products chemistry research
Chari Cohen, DrPH –Public Health Research, specifically hepatitis B
Andrea Cuconati, PhD – Antiviral drug discovery and action studies against hepatitis B virus
Yanming Du, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry, Synthesis, Drug Design
Alison Evans, ScD – Epidemiology, Public Health, emphasis on hepatitis B and liver cancer
Ju-Tao Guo, MD – Innate Host Defense Systems and Viral Infections, specifically hepatitis B
Nikhil Heble, JD – Translational Research
David Horn, MD – Infectious Diseases and Experimental Therapeutics
Xuanmao Jiao, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
William Kinney, PhD Medicinal Chemistry for the Discovery of New Therapeutics
Fred Klaessig, PhD – Nanomaterials and Experimental Therapeutics
John Kulp, PhD – Computational Chemistry and Computer Assisted Rational Drug Design, protein modeling
Patrick Lam, Ph.D. – Medicinal Chemistry; Drug Discovery and Development
Xuanyong Lu, PhD – HBV and Liver Cancer Virology
Eain Murphy, PhD– Cytomegalovirus, Antiviral Discovery
Bruce Maryanoff, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry; drug discovery and development
Cynthia Maryanoff, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry; drug discovery and development
Nicholas Meanwell, PhD – Experimental Therapeutics and Medicinal Chemistry
Catherine Pachuk, PhDTranslational Research
Richard Pestell, MD, PhD, MBA – Cancer and Regenerative Medicine
Sung Ryeol Park, PhD  – Medicinal chemistry for the discovery of new therapeutics
Ramila Philip, PhD – Immunology and Cancer Therapeutics
Patrick Romano, PhD – Translational Medicine; Glycobiology
Aejaz Sayeed, PhD – Molecular Cell Biology
Kunwar Shailubhai, PhD – Drug  Discovery, Pharmacology, Gycobiology
Michael Sofia, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry and Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development
Ying-Hsiu Su, PhD – Discovery and Development of DNA Biomarkers of Disease; Liver and Colorectal Cancers, DNA Sequencing
Matt Todd, PhD – Biochemistry
Roshan Thapa, PhD  Assistant Professor
Michael Xu, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry
Tianlun Zhou, MD, PhD – Translational Medicine and Molecular Virology