Regional Biotechnology Annual Conference

RBC’s Annual Biotech Conference 2013

“Consumer Product Development, an Alternative Path to Commercialization” – Nearly 100 of the area’s life science and technology leaders gathered at the PA Biotechnology Center on Friday to discuss paths to success for biotech companies in southeastern Pennsylvania. They came together for the 13th Annual Regional Biotech Conference, hosted by the Hepatitis B Foundation’s Baruch S. Blumberg Institute.   Read more about this year’s conference.

2013 Featured Speakers

Maxwell Stock, President & CEO, Signum Biosciences, Inc.
“Straddling the Fence between Rx and Consumer Product Development”

John Lyga, PhD, Director Bioscience and Strategic Alliance, Avon
“The Art, Science, and Regulations of Personal Care Product Development”

Miri Seiberg, PhD, Seiberg Consulting, formerly with Johnson & Johnson Skin Research Center
“Non-Denatured Soybean Extracts for Skin Care: Continuous Success at 13 Years After Launch”

Anthony P. Green, PhD, Vice President, Technology Commercialization: Life Sciences, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
“Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Supporters of Pharmaceutical and Alternative Pathways to Drug Development”

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