In House Adjunct Faculty

Andrea Cuconati, PhD – Antiviral drug discovery and action studies for hepatitus B virus
Alison Evans, ScD – Epidemiology, Public Health, emphasis on hepatitis b and liver cancer
David Horn, MD
– Infectious Diseases and Experimental Therapeutics
Fred Klaessig, PhD – Nanomaterials and Experimental Therapeutics
Xuanyong Lu, PhD – HBV and Liver Cancer Virology
Bruce Maryanoff, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry; drug discovery and development
Cynthia Maryanoff, PhD – Medicinal chemistry
Eain Murphy, PhD– Cytomegalovirus, antiviral discovery
Ramila Philip, PhD – Immunology and Cancer Therapeutics
Patrick Romano, PhD – Translational medicine; Glycobiology
Kunwar Shailubhai, PhD – Drug discovery, Pharmacology, Gycobiology
Michael Sofia, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry and Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development
Michael Xu, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry