Our Scientists

The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute has the largest concentration of nonprofit scientists working on the problem of hepatitis B and liver cancer in the United States. The research being conducted by the Blumberg Institute’s research faculty is internationally recognized as some of the most exciting and promising work.

Blumberg Institute Principal Scientists

Timothy Block, PhD – Antivirals, Early Detection and Glycobiology
Michael Sofia, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry and Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development
Andrea Cuconati, PhD – HBV and HCV High-throughput
Ju-Tao Guo, MD – HBV Antivirals and Innate Host Defense
Jinhong Chang, MD, PhD – Antivirals
Ying-Hsiu Su, PhD – Liver and GI Cancer
Michael Goetz, PhD – Project Lead, Natural Products Collection
William Almond, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry
Jason Clement, PhD – Senior Scientist, Chemistry
Yanming Du, PhD – Medical Chemistry and Small Molecules
William Kinney, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry
John Kulp, PhD – Computational Chemistry and Computer Assisted Rational Drug Design
Xuanyong Lu, PhD – HBV and Liver Cancer Virology
Brad Nefsky, PhD – Biomarker Discovery
John Ondeyka, MS – Lead Chemist, Chemistry
Patrick Romano, PhD – Molecular Biology and Glycobiology
Jan Sigmund – Lead Scientist, Microbiology
W. Thomas London, MD – Population Science and HBV Epidemiology
Tianlun Zhou, MD, PhD – Translational Medicine and Molecular Virology

Adjunct Blumberg Institute Faculty

Alison Evans, ScD – HBV and HCC Epidemiology
David Horn, MD – Infectious Diseases and Experimental Therapeutics
Fred Klaessig, PhD – Nanomaterials and Experimental Therapeutics
Patrick Lam, Ph.D. – Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery
Bruce Maryanoff, PhD – Drug Discovery
Cyndie Maryanoff, PhD – Drug Discovery
Ramila Philip, PhD – Immunology and Cancer Therapeutics
Allen Reitz, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry and Fox Chase Chemical Diversity
Kunwar Shailubhai, PhD – Bacterial Toxins and Synergy
James Thacker, PhD – Lipopeptides and Theramunex Biotech
Michael Xu, PhD – Project Lead, Medicinal Chemistry