Rob Simmons, Dr.PH, MPH, MCHES, CPH

Rob Simmons has been a public health educator and health promotion leader for 45 years working with government, community health organizations, private health foundations, healthcare organizations and academic public health programs in California, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and in Latin America.   For the past decade, he has been an Associate Professor and Director of the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Thomas Jefferson University College of Population Health.  Rob’s professional background and research interests are in health promotion and disease prevention, public health policy and advocacy, health literacy, healthy aging, and global health.  Rob has been a Fulbright Specialist Scholar in Public and Global Health.  He has dedicated his public health career to service, volunteering and advocating for range of global, national and regional causes impacting on health, education, housing, among other societal issues and has mentored a large number of future public health professionals.  Professionally, Rob has been a volunteer leader for a range of organizations and its local chapters, particularly the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) and the American Public Health Association.  He recently received the Distinguished Fellow Award from SOPHE, its highest award and locally, the 2017 Public Health Career Recognition Award.  Dr. Simmons will be “retiring” from U.S. public health work this July and will be moving to Medellín, Colombia where he plans to continue his service in public health and health education work with universities, government and non-governmental organizations in South America.